FAI Pre-Op Assessment – 6 Days Before Surgery

Yesterday was my pre-op assessment appointment.  This was basically a meeting with the nurses at the hospital to provide them with a background of my health, so that they can assess what risks exists.  They also talked to me about what type of anesthesia we will use – I will be going under general anesthesia, and a breathing tube may be used, which will mean I’ll have a sore throat for a few days (this is what I was hoping for, because I don’t think hip surgery by itself will cause enough discomfort).

Joking aside, I am fine with the choice of general anesthesia – I’ve had it once before, when my wisdom teeth were removed, so I know what to expect somewhat.  Additionally, I think that local anesthesia (epidural or nerve block) could cause some complications with feeling in my hip/groin area.  I really don’t want to have difficulty peeing after surgery, so I’m glad to (hopefully) avoid this.

I can’t speak for anyone else with FAI, but the last few months have been some of the most stressful of my life.  This was confirmed when they took my blood pressure.  For me it is usually in the 120/65 range, but yesterday, it was 140/84.  Yikes!  I’m looking forward to having everything behind me.

Have you had surgery for FAI?  Let me know about your experience in the comments below!  I’d especially love to hear about the first few days post-surgery, as I’m not sure what to expect.



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