Surgery Day Timeline

Here is the timeline from the day of my hip arthroscope for FAI:

5:30am – Arrive at hospital to check in.

5:45 – Sent to my room to change into hospital gown; nurse takes my vitals and inserts an IV.

6:00 – Erin (my girlfriend) is allowed into the room to see me.

6:30 – Meet with surgeon in my room to ask any last-minute questions.

7:00 – Meet with anesthesiologist and his assistant, who answer any last minute questions about that part of surgery.

7:30 – Surgery supposed to start now, but we were delayed until about 9am.

8:00 – Assistant anesthesiologist sends “Mickey Mouse Juice” through the IV; within seconds, I start to feel a bit loopy. Shortly after, they begin to wheel my out of room, but I don’t even remember moving down the hallway or saying bye to Erin. I do remember seeing the OR briefly though, and I think I remember them putting some kind of boots/straps on my feet.

9:10 – I’m told this is when surgery began.

11:50 – I’m told this is when surgery finished.

12:15pm – I wake up a bit after noon in the recovery room, though it seemed like I just went to sleep. I was under general anesthesia, so I expected that to be the case. The first thing I notice is that my throat doesn’t hurt as much as I thought it would from the breathing tube (Brian 1, surgery 0, early in the 1st quarter)

12:30 – Still in the recovery room, I take Percocet given to me by the nurse. She asks me questions about how I feel, and answers some of mine.

1:00 – I am wheeled back to my room and the nurse goes to get Erin. Overall, I am in very little pain.


3:00 – The pain started to worsen a bit, so I was given another dose of Percocet. I am happy to report that there was no nausea, from either the anesthesia or the pain medication.

3:30 – The surgeon comes in to answer any more questions. It turns out my labrum was torn, which is why the surgery was nearly three hours long. I’m not going to lie, this was disappointing news to me, because it means a longer and more difficult recovery period. The surgeon did say everything went well, and I will see him again for my three-week follow up.

4:00 – For the first time since surgery, I move out of the bed. I am not allowed to bear any weight on my left leg, so I use crutches to get up and put some clothes on, then try to use the restroom. Unfortunately, balancing on one leg immediately following surgery and when you haven’t eaten all day takes a lot of concentration. So much so, that I am unable to pee, so I hold it for now.

4:45 – Finally leave the hospital!

5:00 – Go through the drive-through at the pharmacy to drop off my prescriptions (Erin’s driving). Told it will be 30 mins, so we go to Panera to get something to eat. Yep, haven’t even been home yet, and stopping to get a bagel. Tried to pee there too, but no dice.

5:15 – Get prescriptions, head home.

5:30 – Navigate the stairs to our 2nd floor apartment. Up isn’t too hard, though I think down will be a challenge.

I spend the rest of the evening watching TV on the couch, icing my hip, and peeing. A lot. They must have filled me to the brim with the IV, because I certainly didn’t drink that many fluids. Overall, the day went a lot smoother, and I am a lot more comfortable than I expected. I’m a bit bummed out about the labral tear, because that will complicate the recovery, and fully recovering is the more important to me than my comfort level now, but I will do my best over the next few days/weeks/months.


4 thoughts on “Surgery Day Timeline

  1. Thank you so much for your blog…you have no idea how reassuring it is read after my own hip scope for a labral tear. Reading your blog day-by-day as it matches up with my own recovery has been so helpful and makes me realize that everything happening to me is “normal.” Thanks!

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