Hip Arthroscopy: Day 1 Post-Op

My first day after surgery went more smoothly than I expected.  I spent nearly all of it on the couch, or traveling to and from the bathroom.  Fortunately for me, neither the medicine I’m taking or the pain in my leg is messing with my head or my stomach, so I felt fully alert and healthy all day (except for the part about not being able to walk) and was able to eat as I normally would.

I iced my leg 4 times throughout the day, using a DonJoy ice machine.  I rented it on the recommendation of someone I know, and I’m glad I did.  Not only does it provide more coverage of my hip than a simple ice pack, but I can control the temperature, and filling it with ice and water in the morning allows me to use it throughout the day without needing to refill.  Additionally, I can use the hip pad for compression, which feels good on my hip.  I highly recommend using an ice machine if you can.

I also had Erin help me with some passive movement exercises today.  Basically, I laid on my back while she moved my leg back and forth through a comfortable range of motion for a couple minutes.  This range was pretty small, probably about 30-35 degrees in total change in my hip angle, but I am only one day post-surgery.

Some other notes from Day 1:

  • If I didn’t live on the 2nd floor of my apartment, I might have gone outside yesterday.  I didn’t feel like trying the stairs though.
  • Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise, was a confusing movie.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the pain I feel is coming from the hip joint, or the incisions on the surface.

Recovering from surgery for FAI or a torn labrum?  I’d love to hear how your recovery is going – feel free to post a comment below!


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