Hip Arthroscopy: Day 25 Post-Op

I wanted to post a brief update after my 2nd physical therapy session.  Yesterday, PT started with the same exercises as in the first session (heat pad, standing leg raises, etc.).  Then we added the following:

  • 6 minutes on a machine that I can only describe as a sitting elliptical.  I did this slowly and in a limited range of motion (still not allowed to flex past 90 degrees), but it gradually loosened my hip.
  • Therapist moved my hip around while I laid on a table, including almost 90 degrees of flexion.  There was stiffness, but no pain.
  • Massaged my incision to break up scar tissue – that one hurts.
  • I’m supposed to walk (still using crutches) with a more normal gait.  This includes putting my foot on the ground, though still without weight.

Here’s a picture from PT (doing a calf exercise):

Calf Extensions

I’ll post again when there’s something new to talk about.

Are you recovering from surgery for FAI or a torn labrum, or considering it?  I’d love to hear how you’re rehab is going – feel free to post a comment or question below!


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