Hip Arthroscopy – Week 7 Post-Op (Time to Start Walking)

Well I’ve been down to one crutch full-time since Thursday evening, just after my last post.  Over the past few days, I’ve gotten more and more comfortable walking with one crutch, until finally, yesterday, I took my first steps without any crutches at all.

Now, I’m using one crutch about 80% of the time, and walking short distances in my apartment without assistance.  It doesn’t hurt necessarily, but certainly feels…something.  Unnatural, maybe, after 6 weeks of non-use.  My calf is actually the most sore, which I didn’t expect, but my hip still feels stiff.  It actually seems as though if I do a bit of walking during the day to loosen it up (with a crutch mostly, and not overdoing it), my hip will feel pretty good later.

PT has gotten easier as well (which I think means it’s time to step up the intensity).  At my last appointment, I was able to (mostly) breeze through all the exercises I’ve been doing.  I’m hoping that I can soon ditch the crutches altogether, and start ramping up the physical therapy.  I’m looking forward to becoming more and more functional.

Are you recovering from surgery for FAI or a torn labrum, or considering it?  I’d love to hear how you’re rehab is going – feel free to post a comment or question below!


6 thoughts on “Hip Arthroscopy – Week 7 Post-Op (Time to Start Walking)

  1. I am 51 days post-op but have been off crutches for 5 1/2 weeks. I would say that is due to the fact I didn’t need full labrum repair and instead has debridement on both hips. I had the impinging bone removed from both sides while I had cartilage removed and microfracture on my right hip.

    I am finding it very difficult to remain positive. If I have to bend over to pick something up or shift in my seat the wrong way or ride on the stationary bike I experience discomfort in my groins. I am very worried I am causing damage and/or I have wasted my time, money and energy going through the process.

    • Hi Steve,

      One of the things I have also struggled with is discomfort in my hip post-surgery. For me, it is a mental thing, as I think the most difficult part is not knowing if it is my labrum or my groin/hip flexor muscles bothering me, since the discomfort presents itself in a similar manner (though I am happy to report I don’t have any such complaints over the last few days).

      I can’t speak for debridemen, but my PT explained it to me this way: my surgeon repaired my labrum, and for 6 weeks, I did nothing that could have re-damaged it (no weight bearing or flexion). However, during that time, the muscles around the hip have atrophied, stressed, and developed bad habits. As I come out of that, I’m bound to feel discomfort.

      I also am only one week into weight-bearing, so perhaps I am not out of the woods yet. I hope that is not the case, but I suppose I won’t know how a while.

      Hang in there, from what I’ve read, it can be a 3-8 month process to feel normal again!

  2. Thanks mate. Labral debridement is where the surgeon cuts away any loose or frayed parts of the labrum. I assume your labrum was in a worse state and required pinning?

    Please feel free to check out my blog. Interested to hear from people in the same situation. It’s a very warts and all account.


  3. I’m not sure which is worse – debridement or repair. In fact, I had always thought that debridement meant your labrum was in worse shape, too bad to repair, so it was cut away instead. I could be wrong though, I am not a doctor.

  4. I am 6 weeks post op as of today. I had FAI lesions removed and my labrum repaired. The doctor said my labrum was torn and folded. I also had debridement in the joint as well. I have been off crutches for 3 weeks. I still have issues extending my leg past but butt. I find sitting is the hardest on me. I work in an insurance office so the majority of my day is sitting. The doctor okayed me to only work part time for now. I have my eval with the surgeon next week. I do therapy three times a week. Im doing well in therapy. Certain exercises are still pretty difficult but I can already feel me getting stronger. I’m looking forward to eventually being pain free.

    • Sounds like you’re making progress in PT. That’s great! I hope it continues to go well and that the other issues you mention work themselves out.


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