Hip Arthroscopy: Week 8 Post-Op

At 8 weeks, things are moving slowly with my hip, but still moving forward.

I am no longer using crutches at all, except for long distances (I went to a baseball game at Nationals’ Park in DC last night, and I used the crutches to get from the car to the stadium and back).  Sometimes my gait feels close to normal, while other times I still limp a bit.  I can also go up and down stairs, though not totally normally.

In PT, I have made strides as well.  I’ve added a small amount of weight to my leg lifts, I use the 4-way hip machine (pictured below), and I’m now doing squats on the balance board, though I don’t go very low.


Overall, I’d say things continue to progress as far as recovering from surgery goes.  Where I do have concerns is whether a full recovery will mean getting back to how I felt before the problems started, or how I felt prior to surgery.  Yesterday, while concentrating on my gait, my hip popped loudly and painfully.  It felt sort of like when you crack your knuckles, except that it also hurt.  It scared me quite a bit because it was similar to the popping I felt prior to surgery (which would mostly happen when getting out of the car).

I posed a question about the pop in an FAI forum, and got many responses from people who say that despite overall surgery success, their hips pop every once in a while.  The reasons given were either scar tissue breaking up, or air pockets releasing (similar to cracking your knuckles).  I also asked my PT about it, and while he didn’t know what caused it, he wasn’t concerned, based on the position of my hip when it happened.  It seems like another mental battle for me as I recover.

Are you recovering from surgery for FAI or a torn labrum, or considering it?  I’d love to hear how you’re rehab is going – feel free to post a comment or question below!


2 thoughts on “Hip Arthroscopy: Week 8 Post-Op

  1. I had right hip labral repair surgery with some shaving of the hip and femur bones as well on May 30, 2013. My hip has only popped once post-op, but it sure scared me nonetheless, not to mention being very unpleasant. Personally, I was hoping to be much further along in recovery by now, but I’m not. I’m a 43 year old female, and I consider myself to be in in fairly decent shape. I was originally scheduled to return to work as a court reporter on July 8, but at this point I don’t think that is possible. I wish it were. I can’t sit or stand for any length of time without switching my weight around constantly from one hip to the other. It’s uncomfortable to sit in a chair without a cushion, and I am not even close to being able to sleep on that side, my favorite side to sleep! I can’t walk far without pain. If eight weeks is the magic number, I’ll take it, because at this point I’m worried I’ll never by my prior active self. I’m sorry for you, but it’s good to know I’m not alone in this recovery process. By the way, I saw on CNN that Lady Gaga had the same exact surgery in February of this year and is just returning to her normal schedule. That’s a scary thought for me that someone as young and in shape as she is even took months to recover.

    • Hi Colleen,

      I totally understand your concerns about not being able to return to your normal self. I think that’s normal for people to go through with any injury/surgery (but that doesn’t mean I’m not struggling with it too).

      As for the length of time, it actually sounds to me like you’re doing really well! I wasn’t even allowed to put any weight on my leg for 6 weeks, let alone shift weight while I’m standing. And I slept on my couch for the first 5 weeks, because it was more comfortable for sleeping on my back.

      I’m not sure there is any magic number. I’m also disappointed by how long recovery is taking, but from what I’ve read, it can take 3-12 months, depending on the individual. As long as I do recover eventually, I’ll take it.


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