Hip Arthroscopy: 4 Months Post-Op

Today is the 4-month anniversary of my surgery for FAI and a torn labrum in my left hip, so I think it’s time for an update:

The path of my recovery has not changed much since my last post, but I think that is news in itself.  There are ups and downs, but the overall trajectory is constant improvement!  Some days are really good, some days are just good.  Compare that to one month ago when some days were good and some were just ok, and one month before that when some days were ok and some days I was using crutches, and I’d say my hip and I are going places!

Actually, the last 5 days or so have probably been the best since my surgery.  I sometimes feel a tight groin still, but other times I walk or bike around feeling totally normal.

My activity level in the last few days has been as follows:

  • I am now biking and walking everywhere, as I just purchased a bike.
  • At the gym, I am now doing the one-legged squats that I mentioned in an earlier post without weight, light-weight leg presses (I could do more weight, but there is no reason for me to push it), and some controlled jumping around (I can’t really find a good picture of this, but basically, jumping side-to-side from one leg to the other).
  • I actually feel like I could go play sports, but I’m not sure how my hip would feel afterwards.  That is something that will have to come much later, as I don’t really have access to organized sports currently.
  • Finally, I continue to do these basic hip exercises.

Just wanted to share that I’m still progressing!

Are you recovering from surgery for FAI or a torn labrum, or considering it?  I’d love to hear how you’re rehab is going – feel free to post a comment or question below!


6 thoughts on “Hip Arthroscopy: 4 Months Post-Op

  1. Hi Brian. Just wanted to tell you how glad I am you’ve kept this blog. There are others out there, as I know you’re aware, that can be kind of, as my husband put it, “intense.” Yours makes it all seem less scary and more doable. I’m having the surgery a week from tomorrow and was feeling pretty anxious the last couple of days until I read your blog. I know it won’t be a walk in the park (har har?), but I’ve felt all along that recovery is 75 percent what’s going on in my own head and 25 percent things I can’t control. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you! I might be back with questions later on if that’s OK.
    Kris, Denver, CO

    • Thanks Kris, it feels really good to hear you say that. That’s really one of the reasons I am writing, because most who do, simply want someone to commiserate with.

      Certainly, recovery wasn’t easy, but 4 months later, I’m pleased with the result. I still get sore after physical activity (such as after an intense bike ride today), but I keep remembering that recently, I was sore regardless if whether I did any activity or not. I’m looking forward to how I feel in another month or two.

      Feel free to ask questions at any time, and good luck next week!


  2. Hi Brian, I am two weeks into my recovery after an FAI surgery myself (and writing about it, too) and it is really comforting to hear that your recovery is going well! It gives me hope and I am looking forward to being able to run again one day (unless my other hip goes downhill faster than I expect it to). All the best from Austria!

  3. Hi Brian, just wanted to thank you for creating your blog; I had a R hip arthroscopy for FAI/ Cam Lesion last Tuesday. It has really helped me to read through your blog, as you are very clear about the ups and downs of recovery. I followed your advice and decided to stay at my parents house post-op, and thank goodness I did. The simplest, everyday tasks are surprisingly challenging!

    I am on day 5 post-op, and am feeling pretty good, though struggling a bit with the amount of time spent in bed, hooked up to things (in addition to the ice machine, my surgeon also prescribed a continuous passive motion machine that I have to use 3x a day for 2 hours each time, as well as an SCD unit that helps prevent blood clots). As an active person, this is definitely something to get used to! Anyhow, so far so good, and I have my first post-op follow up with the surgeon tomorrow. Here’s to getting back to running after 6 years of hip pain.

    Thanks again, and all my best to you for a continued strong recovery! It has been a comfort knowing you are doing so well.

    All my best,

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